Hub Security Management

Vu le: Dec. 4, 2016 - - Sénégal

World Vision’s West Africa Regional Office (WARO) oversees operations in multiple countries spread across the western part of the continent of Africa. The region, which not only contains some of the poorest countries in the world, also contains many conflict-prone and fragile context environments representing high risks to World Vision staff and assets. Reducing the exposure to or impact of threats in these environments requires a robust set of critical thinking skills and action-oriented security advocacy and advising.
In alignment with the WARO shared services approach, and an effort to provide better security support to the World Vision WARO countries, the security team is creating a more centralized management structure with (3) cluster security managers, each one overseeing security operations in one of the (3) clusters of countries in WARO. The Senegal, Chad, and Central African Republic cluster represents a large portfolio of activities, nearly 500 World Vision staff, and numerous security risks demanding attention.


The cluster security manager (CSM) will play a key role in security risk management for WARO. The CSM will lead his/her cluster in efforts to identify threats, and through various combinations of security strategies, assist in increasing the awareness, and reducing the impact and likelihood of those threats. Each CSM will have the responsibility for leadership and accountability for each of the in-country security focal points.
The CSM will regularly visit and deploy (as necessary) to each of the national offices represented within his/her cluster. In addition to providing both strategic and operational security support to the national offices, the CSM will also ensure accountability and accuracy for security planning. Overall, the CSM’s primary responsibility is ensuring the security preparedness of each national office in his/her cluster, and this will be done primarily through security team building, security training, and security planning.


Strategy & Planning:
• Assist National Offices security staff with alignment of NO strategy and WV security policy so as to ensure the operational priorities of the National Office are appropriately supported.
• Under guidance from the RSD, ensure Security Risk Assessments, Country Risk Ratings and Core Security Requirement standards, training, processes and procedures are completed in accordance with current Office of Corporate Security guidelines and training.
• Provide leadership/ management of the security team in country.

Security Operations:
• Work with Cluster National Directors, Regional Security Director, and in-country security focal points to carry out Security Risk Assessments as required/directed.
• Country Risk Ratings and Designated Zone Risk Ratings for each cluster NO are established and updated as required.
• Ensure Core Security Requirements are implemented in line with Country Risk Ratings.
• Provide input and support to management in crisis situations and critical incidents.
• Ensure proper visitor management procedures are in place, reviewed, and conducted (visitor security briefing, hotel assessments, go/no-go area assessments etc.).
• Conduct security investigations as and when required.

Networking and External Liaison/Engagement:
• Assist in building NO capacity to effectively participate in NGO security networks and ensure information from these groups is disseminated according to agreed protocols.
• Build ongoing networks for sharing security information and coordination.

Capacity Building and Technical Training:
• Coordinate the assessment and implementation of OCS mandated Core Security Requirements at NO level and develop capacity building plan for security management based on local security risk assessments.
• Seek to develop a culture of security awareness and monitor staff compliance.
• Request and help conduct security related training for NO staff in conjunction with RSD.

Reporting and Documentation:
• Provide a regular security report to the National Office, Region and Office of Corporate Security.
• Follow up on security incidents as directed and ensure reports are generated in accordance with WV Security Policy.
• Conduct performance reviews of field-based security personnel.
• Collect, analyze and disseminate security information appropriately.


• No previous criminal record or convictions.
• Language Skills – French (Fluent), English (Good).
• Confirmed employment of the candidate is contingent on him/her passing the HEAT training course within 90 days of employment (probation period).
• At least 5 years experience in a proven security or emergency service field (public, private, and government or NGO sectors in military, security or law enforcement services).
1. Operational experience
2. Training delivery/Capacity building experience
3. Strategic / Managerial experience
• Demonstrated experience in designing and delivering training.
• Demonstrated project management stills and the ability to work effectively under pressure (particularly in a crisis situation).
• Ability to communicate well in English & French
• (verbal and written) – particularly in a crisis situation.
• Valid Passport and Drivers License.
• First Aid qualified.
• Computer literate (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
• Professional - behave in professional manner at all times and demonstrate ability to represent the organization well at interagency meetings.
• Demonstrated personal values, attitudes and behaviors that are consistent with World Vision Core Values.

• Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience.
• Police/Law Enforcement or military training.
• Hostile Environment Awareness (HEAT) training .
• Minimum three (3) years experience working with UN Agency / NGO.
• Radio and/or Satellite phone communications experience, operations and management.