Education Financing Conference Coordination and Logistics

Vu le: Dec. 11, 2017 - - Sénégal
The Global Partnership for Education’s (GPE) Education Financing Conference (previously referred to as a replenishment conference) will gather developing and donor countries, multilateral organizations, civil society, private sector, and philanthropic foundations in Dakar on February 1st and 2nd, 2018. Co-hosted by Senegalese President Macky Sall and French President Emmanuel Macron, this will be the first time a donor and developing country co-host such an event, symbolizing the spirit of true partnership, which is the essence of the GPE. In the lead up to the conference, Plan and other civil society organizations have championed an intensive education financing campaign aimed at increases in domestic and donor financing to education. The GPE Education Financing Conference is widely recognized as an essential stepping stone to achieving SDG 4.

The conference is split into two formats over two days. The event being held on February 1st has been dubbed a “Partnership Platform” where GPE partners are invited to share ideas and showcase their work, in a format that maximises participation and enables partners to create an event on issues that matter most to them. The formal pledging proceedings of the conference will take place on February 2nd, where GPE partners, will make their formal financial pledges.

There are expected to be 1000 attendees at the conference including multilateral agencies, government leaders, young people, CSOs, donors and private sector representatives.

Plan International will leverage the conference to amplify our unique position on the links between social norms change, education and gender equality. We will play a key role in supporting and amplifying the voice of youth delegates and profile our CEO as a high-level advocate for gender equality in and through education

Purpose and scope

Plan International requires additional support and expertise To deliver successfully Plan’s overall engagement at the Education Financing Conference and ensure our delegation is well coordinated and supported.

The consultancy role on offer focuses in particular on three key and related areas of work:

On the ground logistics

Delegation coordination

Event management


The consultant will support the project starting on 18th December – 3rd February 2018. Due to the time sensitive nature of this project, this timeline must be kept.


Develop and manage a work plan detailing every aspect of delegation and engagement preparation.

Act as the primary coordinator across Plan International, Plan International West Africa’s Regional Office, Plan Senegal and Plan’s African Union Office.

Together with Plan West Africa’s regional Office lead on all logistics, including overseeing the delegation’s schedule/ agenda (who needs to be where when).

Support with planning and managing a high-level reception and Plan led events during the conference.

Key Selection Criteria for Consultant

Fluent in French and English

Strong knowledge of and networks within the global education sector.

Experience coordinating multiple sectors across geographic regions. Familiarity working within a global federation highly desired.

Experience with event planning and execution.

Experience managing and supporting both youth delegations and high-level delegations.

Strong logistics and organizational skills.

Must be based in Dakar, Senegal.

Evaluation of offers

Shortlisted suppliers may be invited to discuss their proposals in more detail at Plan’s discretion.

Plan International, at its sole discretion, will select the successful RFQ.

Plan international shall be free to:

· Accept the whole, or part only, of any submission

· Accept none of the proposals

· Republish this Request for Quotations

Plan International reserves the right to keep confidential the circumstances that have been considered for the selection of the offers.

Part of the evaluation process may include a presentation from the supplier and a site visit by Plan International staff, to offices.

Value for money is very important to Plan International, as every additional £ saved is money that we can use on our humanitarian and development work throughout the world.

Plan International may award multiple contracts and all contracts will be non-exclusive.

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