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Things to Pay Attention to When Choosing a Commercial Architect

If you’re looking into constructing a commercial property or refurbishing an existing one, hiring the right architect is crucial. A professional commercial architect can assist make your dreams a reality. Selecting a commercial architect isn’t an easy thing. The person you select will be the one to assist keep the budget on track, be a useful problem solver, listen to your ideas, and be the brains behind the whole project. To help better your odds of finding the right commercial architect, you ought to interview each candidate. And during the interview, it is crucial that you ask the right questions. Here are some of the queries to ask before settling for a commercial architect.

Can you give some references? Asking for references from past customers and other even other construction firms and engineers can be of great help. It can enable you to know one or more things about how a potential commercial architect has handled past projects. Your aim here should be to find crucial info including whether they stick with the initial budget, the kind and level of communication they have with customers, if they can work without supervision, solid track record of completing projects on time, and ease of working with the company. A commercial architect won’t tell you the whole story. Asking previous customers and other consulting companies about their interactions with the commercial architect will better inform you how your project will go.

Do you have a builder you can recommend? If there’s a general contractor on your mind, that’s great. However, if there are none, you might as well ask your potential commercial architect for some recommendations. Owing to the nature of their work, great commercial architects will have one in mind. Ask about the builder’s timeliness, quality, and costs. Finding a commercial architect and a general contractor who work well together is crucial for good communication as well as teamwork which is the reason it’s always great to refer to your commercial architect for his opinion on a suitable fit for the crew and project type.

Who will I contact at your company? It is crucial to know the person you’ll be communicating with during your project whether it’s a designer on the architect’s crew or the lead architect. It is best to be in regular communication with an individual with whom you have good chemistry. In addition, ask about anyone else who’ll be on your team. Getting to know each person on your team, building a professional rapport with each of them, and knowing who to direct questions to will enable you to ensure your project carries on as smoothly as possible.

Are you insured? The last thing you desire is for your commercial architect to have no or little coverage. This is because this can leave you with legal implications if the contractors are injured during your project or they make errors that cost you. Thus, check if the commercial architect carries proper insurance and try to find out whether there is any past customer who has lodged legal claims against him and why.

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